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Submitted: 16 April 2014 Modified: 16 April 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14041609592420

To stay or not to stay: Uncovering the essence of staying power among infertile couples from the Philippines.

With the increasing population of the Philippines, infertile couples are of often neglected, not on their medical status but on the psychological aspect that not having a child has its effects on to their relationship. Remarkably, there are infertile couples who managed to strive in their relationship that caused them to stay together, given the fact that they don't have their own child. The aim of this study is to characterize that staying power among the infertile couple in the Philippines not as an individual but as a couple. This is achieved by formulating qualitative questionnaires and given to those who experienced the formerly assumed problem. This study shows that the identified staying power coming from this study is the power of traits, the power of faith, and the power of love. As researchers, we believed that venturing into this topic will not only serve as a foundational supplementation for other researchers but it will also serve as an eye opener to every person that there are infertile couples who are striving on to stay in their relationship.

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This study wanted to characterize the essence of staying power among infertile couples in the Philippines.

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