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Submitted: 15 April 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14041515563664

Towards elderly friendly medical labels: The use of conjoint technique from marketing to nursing.


This study aspired to capture the ideal medical label from the lens of sixty (60) purposively selected insulin-dependent Filipino seniors from an urban community in the Philippines using Conjoint technique through an innovative Prototype Object Sorting (POS). This made use of the interesting attributes from a wealth of scientific literature in drug marketing, namely: (1) color, (2) font style, (3) font size and (4) language. Results showed that color (37.40) is the most important factor in the seniors' preference of medical labels, followed by font style (32.63) and font size (20.13). Accordingly, the respondents' consider language translation as their least preferred (9.83) factor. It can be deduced from the study results that researchers in both healthcare and marketing shall consider age-related preferences in medical packaging which may further result to increased utilization and better understanding of personal medication practices among patients.

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Our Lady of Fatima University


The study aims to determine the ideal medical label from the lens of sixty (60) purposively selected insulin-dependent Filipino seniors from an urban community in the Philippines using Conjoint technique through an innovative Prototype Object Sorting (POS).

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