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Submitted: 15 April 2014 Modified: 21 April 2014
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Using a Komik-based assessment tool to measure hospital-related fear among hospitalized Children: a multi-method research.


This exiguous idea of fear among school-age children is a challenge for healthcare practitioners. Majority of past studies strived to find answer on why do children develop fear towards hospitalization and applicable interventions, and less on the goal of developing a tool to effectively measure fear among pediatric clients. The research study was employed to test the reliability of researcher's self-made questionnaire, and determine the level of fear among hospitalized school-age children. The conceptualized thirty-two item komik-research tool termed as "fearmometer" was initially administered to ten (10) respondents in a rural hospital in the Philippines. The test-retest results were computed using Pearson r formula, and conceded that the researcher's tool was valid in measuring fear among hospitalized school age children. A computed result of 0.75 % which interpreted as "high relationship" was discovered. The pilot study provides the research team a key result if the thirty-two (32) item self-made questionnaire "fearmometer" will be effective and have reliable results once stabilized and administered with a larger number of respondents. The researchers administered the research tool "fearmometer" to thirty (30) purposively selected respondents in another hospital which divulged that among all sources of fear, they considered fear of dying when going to hospital as "most fearful". Findings reconfirmed the results of previous literature and proved that the integration of traditional Komik in tool development is promising in the field of nursing assessment.

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Journal Article, Original
Fatima University Research Journal
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Our Lady of Fatima University

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March 2012
Our Lady of Fatima University


The research study was employed to test the reliability of researcher's self-made questionnaire, and determine the level of fear among hospitalized school-age children

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