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Submitted: 28 April 2014 Modified: 29 April 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14042814211243

Determination of the anti fungal property of the cream from the lead extract of Tagetes erecta (ahito).

Aliza Joy E. Borromeo,
Carmina S. Cortez,
Kathleen Faye D. Julian,
Vina L. Morales,
Angelita A. Rodriguez

A cream formulation of the ethanolic extract of the leaves of plant Tagetes erecta (Asteraceae) was evaluated pharmaceutically and biologically for its antifungal property by Paper Disc Diffusion Method. The ethanolic extract of leaves was obtained by maceration and undergone phytochemical screening showing presence of Flavonoids, Alkaloids, Tannins and etc. Three concentrations of the Tagetes erecta leaf extract exhibited antifungal activity against Tricophyton mentagrophytes. 25% leaf extract has an average zone of inhibition of 8mm. 50% leaf extract has an average zone of inhibition of 17mm. While 100% leaf extract has 26mm average zone of inhibition. Its cream formulation was developed through standard method of fusion. Commercially available Ketoconazole Cream was used as standard for this study. The cream formulation was evaluated for various pharmaceutical parameters such as Rheological properties, pH, external characters. Results of the Antifungal test show that there is a significant difference in the Positive/ control group which is Ketoconazole Cream and the 32% Tagetes erecta cream. The 2% and 8% cream has no significant difference with the negative control group while the 32% has a significant difference with the negative control group. Homogeneity test showed no turbidity and instability. Rheological properties of T. erecta cream were within limits. Stability study revealed no change in color, and no liquefaction and phase separation occurred in a definite period of time.

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This study aimed to determine the anti fungal property of the cream from the leaf extract of Tagetes erecta (ahito)

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