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Submitted: 16 April 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14041516305975

Recollecting hospitalization experiences in the intensive care unit: The perspectives and lifestyle modifications of previous near-to-death patients.

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The contingency experienced by adult patients on the confines of the intensive care unit, along with actual physiologic and emotional experiences before a year after their hospitalization comprises the central idea of this study to which other significant findings are derived - positive changes apparently brought by their conditions and underlying motivations that embolden them to go on with life. In order to meet the demands for actual and realistic perspectives, the phenomenological, "lived experience" method is utilized by the researchers. This includes the open, in-depth interview which assumes the primary method of data assemblage. Data, findings, and interpretation all converge to adhere to the aims of the study: (1) expose actual experiences of post-ICU patients; (2) express positive changes not limited to physical aspects of the patients; (3) enumerate motivational factors which inspire enduring philosophies in the patients' lives; and (4) elucidate how these findings can aid in making necessary changes within the scope of nursing practice, specifically to intensive care / critical care nursing.

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This study aims to explore the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) hospitalization experience of previous near-to-death patients. It focuses on the particpant's perspectives and lifestyle modifications after the experience.

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