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Submitted: 15 April 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14041514403273

Using Q-methodology in determining sources of happiness among Filipino widowed elders.

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Happiness related to aging, is often equated with morale, contentment, life satisfaction, successful aging, quality of life and the good life (Miller, 2004). It is a maze to determine happiness because of its natural subjectivity, given the fact that it varies as we grow old and expand our needs. The researchers desired to explore their happiness in order to give them the right attention and approach in terms of giving medical services. The investigators utilized Q-method by sorting sixteen cards as the possible sources of their happiness. As the result, group 1 refers to the happiness from intimates, group 2, is happiness from interaction, group 3 is happiness from independence, while group 4 is happiness from intransience and lastly group 5 is happiness from inspiration. The five most important statements revolve around living with the family, social interaction, self-dependence, stable income and religious activities. These factors greatly influenced the happiness of the elderly widows of CAMANAVA. Out of 100 respondents, only 69 were rotated and correlated in the study. In conclusion, keeping a life with intimacy is a healthy way of living for this group. They are in need of love and support from the family, friends and society. Also, interactions can make them happy. Activities from social interactions may derive their attention into a lighter side. Self-dependence as a senior is an achievement for the elderly widowed, and then it's living at their own expense. Likely, having faith make them feel better, it drives their will to continue their life.


The study aims to determine the sources of happiness of Filipino widowed elders using the technique of Q-methodology.

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