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Submitted: 15 April 2014 Modified: 15 April 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14041513533168

Filipino adolescents with hemophilia: Their psychosocial status and quality of life (QoL) modeled from clay.

While frequent health conditions and life threatening conditions are in the foreground, studies focusing on QoL of young adults with rare diseases such as hemophilia are scarce. Quality of Life of young adults with hemophilia was explored in the study and the psycho-social element of their experiences. Phenomenological method was used in conducting the study. The study includes seven (7) purposively selected young adults (19-26 years old) diagnosed with the disease. The study capitalized on in-depth interview as the main data gathering tool. Results came up with the six (6) engaging themes: the drawback, depression, doubt, dream, devotion,and delight. It is represented as a continuous process known as cycle. The cycle summarized the process of the participants' quality of life and psychosocial determinants. Researchers came up to the conclusion that it is important that parents and patients believe that the future is bright. Through publications and presentation of the findings, it will also be possible to engage in a productive conversation in the medical community about what can be done to provide care that encompasses the psychosocial needs of people with haemophilia. The study provides a strong platform for approaching governments and other decision makers to encourage action and the development of powerful local initiatives.

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To explore the psychosocial status and quality of life of adolescents with hemophilia.

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