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Submitted: 07 May 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14050711074136

Flipbooking for the elderly: A descriptive evaluative research.

Elissa Bulus,
Harlyn Adevoso,
Bianca Moreno,
Charlene Joy Napenas,
Charm Lhirae Pabico,
Jeddalyn Ramos,

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The graying population poses a lot of challenges in delivering quality health teaching to the community. Further, the goal of successful aging is hypothesized to be influenced by entertainment and self-worth. Seniors will be exposed on the present undertaking thru a quantitative, descriptive evaluation research. 20 seniors shall participate in the study. Corpus of data came from the responses of the subjects and undergoes statistical testing. Outcomes of the study became beneficial in gaining understanding when integrated to the world of gerontology. Using a quantitative research approach to a 20 seniors with a descriptive evaluative design it aims to achieve answers on the questions pertaining to health compliance, health literacy and competence. As the researchers, we believe that the relationship between technology interest, experience, and usability is complex. Older adults who are interested in a particular aspect of technology are likely to put in the effort to learn it. A country and a world that has immerse it's capability to develop large amount of technology for people especially for the elders thru technology to improved health care delivery system in many ways. As a result in this research paper the participants have no positive or negative effect in terms of using a tablet.

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This paper aims to visualize and search improvements through technology for the world of gerontology.

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