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Submitted: 07 January 2014 Modified: 22 April 2014
HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14010616005935

Applying the conjoint technique in identifying preschool preference of an ideal game for nutrition literacy.

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The advancements and innovations in the industries of healthcare and education are at the threshold of a breakthrough. The main players have increasing efforts to address the pending issues on health and health literacy. Congruent to the increasing cases of malnutrition among children due to health illiteracy is the increasing advancements in the gaming industry. Hence, many educators and game designers are looking at the potentials of computer games in addressing the piercing issues on nutrition. However, little in understood in terms of the gaming preferences of preschool children. Using card-based conjoint analysis (n=30), this paper was meritorious in uncovering the gaming preferences of these population group. Findings showed that children prefer the red color (0.97) as a dominating theme in the game. They are also in favor of the action (0.27) type of game as the genre and they prefer to play with their family members (0.26). Lastly, in designing an ideal game for preschoolers, the most important factor to consider among these attributes is the color (48.40). This paper is directed towards a future not only where children have a better experience in gaming but also where children are provided fair access to health literacy and services.

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The Asian Conference on Education 2013


Using conjoint technique, the research aimed to identify the ideal computer game for nutrition literacy among preschoolers.

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